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In here you can find a bit more about our Re-upholstery services. We try to provide as much information as we can but there is chance that we missed on something, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our offer includes:

  • Cushion refilling,
  • Spring replacements,
  • Upholstery repair services,
  • Furniture restoration,
  • Modern and traditional,
  • Foam replacement,
  • Pubs, Hotels and private homes,
  • CAR Leather seats repair and colour restore
  • Leather sofa and chairs repair and colour restore
  • No job to small,
  • FREE transport.
  • 24 montch Guarantee

A piece of furniture is more than wood and fabric.

Real Upholstery puts an emphasis on the re-upholstery of old and worn-out furniture, giving a new life to it by refreshing and bringing to shining what seemed to have faded away with time. We treat each and every order individually and pay attention to the tiniest suggestions of a customer. This is the crucial aspect of our craftsmanship because the atmosphere of the antique furniture is unique – here, in Real Upholsterer we really do understand it and want to preserve it. There is a longer or shorter story to each piece of furniture that finds its way into our hands. Upon us lies the responsibility for comprehending that story and restoring the initial, seemingly lost brilliance.

Only the most skilled craftsmen are able to conduct their tasks excellently.

When it comes to technical aspects our performance is second to none. All the tools we use could be set as the examples of the highest quality obtainable. Real Upholsterer guarantees the top proficiency in carrying out the projects; paying incredible attention to the smallest yet so crucial details is our first principle. There is nothing impossible for us, no matter how difficult it might seem, we’re going to devote ourselves by all means and to take our time to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

If you believe that your beloved piece of furniture deserves the best, Real Upholsterer is where you need to bring it.

We believe that the exceptional and unique qualities of favourite yet old furniture are non-comparably more precious than time and means consumed for its refreshing. Our company exists only to give the second life to the pieces of furniture that need it. Do not hesitate to contact us as we are bound to help you, renovating your antiques, releasing their magic, restoring long-lost splendour and breathtaking magnificence.

Every piece of furniture – just like each human being – is different and exceptional.

It’s not about quantity, but quality – since we understand it very well, it is of paramount importance for us to adapt our work to each customer’s taste and requirements. The pieces which are exquisitely re-upholstered are undoubtedly special, they have to be treated extremely gently. To bring a new life into an old piece of furniture one has to reach the pinnacle of artistry – because not only should the piece present itself as refreshed, but it has not to lose its unique characteristics in the first place. We re-upholster the furniture by applying traditional techniques and methods – using springs and horse hair as well as creating ordered projects with high performance foam. Real Upholsterer takes its pride in the marvellous elite of furniture – the deep buttoned pieces.

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