Business Deal.

Running a business? Get a special deal for your sofa order. Get your furniture done, over the night. Contact us for more information.

Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants and others.

Any type of business you’re running – we’re happy to serve you our special business deal. We’re creating furniture over night.

Bulk order discounts.

If you’re ordering a big amount of furniture, we can give you a special discount deal.

Delivery time

We’re offering our special offer to local businesses that guarantees to deliver ordered furniture, over night. This way, you will get your furniture in the morning which means you wouldn’t have to close.

Bulk orders

If you’re looking to order a bigger amount of furniture, either to re-upholster or create – no problem! We can give you a special price. Leave us a message.

Quick & Easy

Quick and easy transaction. We understand how important furniture for businesses is, that’s why we take it seriously. All businesses orders are priority which means they get finished first. Contacting with us is also very easy as that’s one of our biggest points – Quick and easy communication.

Received quality

We guarantee that quality we provide is to the highest standard. We provide 24 months warranty. Feel free to discuss it with us.

Business Deal.

Business deal is our unique offer for local businesses. This deal not just gives businesses discounts on bigger orders, but it offers quick furniture delivery due to night upholsterers work. This means that orders you place, are being done at night, to save you and your business time and money. Great isn’t it? We have also several other benefits for businesses like: fast delivery, future discounts, extra materials and personalised orders. If you would like to place an order or find out more – contact us by e-mail, phone or by filling in a form, found in “contact us” page. View our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to keep with updates and photos we’re posting.

Contact us to place an order.

We have the best services around. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!